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iOS application for creation and editing of custom art.
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Scribbler - draw beautiful art is an iOS application that allows users to create artwork on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is free to download and provides users with an extensive range of drawing tools and features.

Users can draw shapes and lines with precision using the Scribbler pen and pencil tools, adjust brush size and opacity, and create custom color palettes.

The app also includes a library of customizable templates and shapes, as well as a selection of professional-grade filters and effects. With Scribbler, users can export their artwork in a variety of popular formats and share it with others.


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Scribbler was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free to download
Extensive range of tools
Precision drawing with Scribbler pen
Customizable brush size
Customizable brush opacity
Custom color palettes
Library of customizable templates
Library of customizable shapes
Professional grade filters and effects
Multiple exporting formats
Designed for iPad
Supports Apple Pencil
Create art with fingers
No data collection
User-friendly interface
Quick sketch tool
Drawing interpretation feature
Features suitable for non-artistic background
Features suitable for technical background
Visual generation for social media
Artwork correction feature
Full color drawings
Reduced drawing time
Requires iOS 15.0 or later
Standalone app (no third-party ads)
Multiple language support
Lightweight app (5.3MB)
Straightforward privacy policy
Education category
Variety of artistic themes
Art genre versatility
Compatible with MacOS 12.0+


iOS exclusive
Limited drawing tools
No layer functionality
Limited customizability
No data collection (limited personalization)
No Android support
Lack of community features
Lack of tutorials
Limited language support
In-app ad presence


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Are there any professional-grade filters and effects in Scribbler?
Can I export my artwork from Scribbler in different formats?
How can I share my artwork from Scribbler with others?
How can I download Scribbler?
What is the current user rating for Scribbler?
What devices are compatible with Scribbler?
Does Scribbler support work with the Apple Pencil?
Do I need to make any in-app purchases in Scribbler?
Does Scribbler collect any of my data?
What is the age rating for Scribbler?
Where can I find support for Scribbler?
Is Scribbler suitable for non-technical users?
Can I use Scribbler on my iPod touch?
Can Scribbler be used for professional artwork creation?


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