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Scribbler is an AI tool that provides users with instant insights from any podcast. The tool allows users to speed run their favorite podcasts by delivering key insights from any podcast directly to Telegram instantly.

The tool has a library of thousands of top podcasts that users can choose from, and users can also get a summary on demand. With Scribbler, users get bite-sized summaries that can be absorbed in seconds, allowing them to increase signal-to-noise and decide what podcasts are worth deep diving into without the time commitment.

Additionally, users can subscribe to their favorite podcasts and get summaries delivered to them as they happen. If users cannot find the summary they want, they can use the tool to summarize any podcast on the fly by typing /SUMMARIZE <YOUR_PODCAST>, and Scribbler will get back to them with the summary in minutes.

The tool currently supports podcast sources such as Apple and Spotify (soon). Scribbler is a user-friendly tool that helps users save time and stay updated with their favorite podcasts.

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Scribbler was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant podcast insights
Delivers insights to Telegram
Large podcast library
On-demand summary feature
Summaries absorbable in seconds
Podcast signal-to-noise increase
Enables time-efficient podcast learning
Summary subscription for favorites
Custom summaries of any podcast
Quick response time
Compatible with Apple Podcast
Soon compatible with Spotify
User-friendly interface


Only works with Telegram
Spotify support isn't immediate
Limited to Apple, Spotify
Summaries delivered in minutes
Can't search summaries directly
Manual summary requests necessary
Reliant on /SUMMARIZE command
Potential lack of deep analysis
Podcast library might not be comprehensive


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How can I get a summary on demand in Scribbler?
What does it mean to 'speed run' podcasts with Scribbler?
Can Scribbler help me decide which podcasts are worth my time?
Does Scribbler support Apple podcasts?
Scribbler is soon to support Spotify, what does that mean?
How does Scribbler provide 'bite-sized' summaries?
Can Scribbler increase signal-to-noise in podcast listening?
Can Scribbler fetch a podcast summary if it's not found in the existing library?
Is Scribbler a free tool?
How does Scribbler help me save time?
Does Scribbler summarize podcasts on the fly?
Does Scribbler deliver summaries directly to Telegram?
Can Scribbler provide instant insights from my favorite podcasts?


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