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An app that converts audio to text.
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Vienna Scribe is an innovative transcription app designed to deliver accurate transcripts to your phone in seconds. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to accurately convert audio recordings into clean, accurate text.

It is available in the App Store and offers unlimited transcriptions for $99 a year. Vienna Scribe is much more accurate than other transcription products, with a mean word error rate (WER) of 2.5%, significantly lower than the 18.3% of Siri and the 4.9% of Google Assistant Typing.

Vienna Scribe is designed to be reliable and private, offering a secure platform for audio transcription. It is ideal for anyone who needs accurate transcripts of audio recordings, such as journalists, researchers, and students.

Vienna Scribe eliminates the need to manually transcribe audio recordings, providing a fast and convenient alternative.


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Pros and Cons


Extremely accurate
Low error rate
Reliable transcription
Secure platform
Fast conversion
Available on App Store
Unlimited transcriptions available
Cost effective yearly subscription
Ideal for researchers, journalists, students
No need to proofread
Faster than typing
Does not store recordings
Does not store transcripts
Transcripts stored on device
Anonymous accounts
Prevents future data breaches
Transcript streamed to device
No caps on usage
Works well for emails, messages


Only available on App Store
$99/year subscription model
No free tier available
Requires internet for transcription
Potential latency for transcription
No mention of multi-language support
Audio sent to servers for processing
Permanently deletes recordings post-transcription
Lacks specific enterprise features
No clear integration with other apps


What is Vienna Scribe?
Where is Vienna Scribe available?
What makes Vienna Scribe different from other transcription services?
What’s the accuracy rate for Vienna Scribe?
What are the privacy features of Vienna Scribe?
Who should consider using Vienna Scribe?
Why does Vienna Scribe cost $99 a year?
Does Vienna Scribe have a limit on the number of transcripts?
How does Vienna Scribe work?
Is there a trial period for Vienna Scribe?
How fast can Vienna Scribe transcribe audio?
Can Vienna Scribe transcribe audio in different languages?
Is Vienna Scribe's text output clean or does it need editing?
How does Vienna Scribe ensure the privacy of my audio files and transcripts?
Why is Vienna Scribe more accurate than Siri or Google Assistant?
How is Vienna Scribe better value than other transcription services?
What integrations are planned for Vienna Scribe with other Vienna Hypertext tools?
What is the Whisper model that Vienna Scribe is based on?
Can Vienna Scribe be used for live transcription?
Is Vienna Scribe able to transcribe group conversations?

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