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Transcribing audio and video files accurately with AI.
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Scribewave is an AI-powered online tool designed for automatic transcription and subtitle generation from audio and video files. It supports a vast range of 90+ languages and dialects, including but not confined to English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.

Utilizing an advanced speech-to-text algorithm, Scribewave provides high accuracy transcriptions with a streamlined processing flow. Users can conveniently upload files, regardless of format or duration, as there are no file size or maximum duration limitations.

Scribewave's editor feature endeavors to simplify the post-transcription process. It automatically highlights the current paragraph being spoken in the audio or video file, allowing users to edit the text directly either as a document or within a timeline.

Transmission of transcribed files is seamless, with options available to export the transcripts to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or as subtitled videos.

Additionally, Scribewave features automated generation of subtitles in any chosen language, with editing and downloading capabilities in various formats like SRT, VTT, or as burned-in video.

It also offers the customisation of audio files into videos complete with waveforms and subtitles, which can further be personalized with logos and colours for sharing on social media.


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Pros and Cons


99% accuracy transcription
Supports 90+ languages
Subtitle and caption addition
Provides translations
Exports multiple file formats
Streamlined service for various industries
Audio-to-video transcription feature
Unlimited export options
Automatic text-to-speech
Advanced transcript editor
Efficient and affordable
Customizable service
Highly secure
No file size limit
No maximum duration
Easy file upload
Streamlined processing flow
Automated subtitle generation
Option to edit transcripts
Transcripts exportable to Word, Google Docs
Subtitled video downloads regardless of initial format
Customizable audio-to-video conversions
Supports all file formats
Paragraph-highlighting feature in editor
Daily data backups
GDPR compliant
Transcriptions can be permanent or deleteable
Affordable subscription pricing model
Support for wide variety of dialects
Editor feature for post-transcription simplification
Logo and color personalization for audio-to-video
Ability to export transcripts as subtitled videos
Automated generation of subtitles
Accurate speaker recognition
Multiple privacy options
Transcribes qualitative interviews
Accommodates wide variety of needs
Support for all audio and video formats
Conversion of audio files to videos
User-friendly editor platform
Automated transcription process
Automated subtitling process
Converts audio files into text automatically
Generates subtitles for videos automatically


Not open source
Subscription pricing model
Doesn't specify speed of transcription
Limited language support on advanced features
Limited file size depending on subscription
Doesn't specify device compatibility
No information on integration capabilities
Customisation limitations on audio-to-video feature
Lack of offline functionality
No data on error correction process

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