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Personalized customer support chatbot.
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Scribo AI is a tool that enables users to build generative chatbots using their business knowledge. These chatbots are designed to engage, assist, and delight customers by providing fast, accurate, and personalized information.

The tool allows users to create AI assistants specialized for their specific needs, whether it's 24/7 customer support or information retrieval. The process involves three steps.

First, users choose a name and define the purpose of their chatbot, highlighting the specific problems it solves and the benefits users can expect. Second, users train their chatbot by feeding it insider knowledge from relevant documents such as sales reports or course materials.

Users can also integrate direct connections to data sources like CRMs for seamless integration. Finally, users can launch their chatbot with a single click, enabling frictionless access to information anytime.Scribo AI offers various use cases, such as improving productivity for employees and students by reducing time spent searching for information, providing quick and accurate answers to customers for self-service, and increasing sales through better customer engagement.

The tool offers plans that can be easily adjusted to accommodate evolving needs, ensuring flexibility for users. Users can also train their chatbots using their own data, allowing for a more customized and tailored conversational experience.

The training duration depends on factors like dataset size and complexity, ranging from a few minutes to several hours. Additionally, the tool supports continuous learning and improvement, allowing users to update the chatbot's knowledge base with new data even after the initial training phase.


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Pros and Cons


Generative chatbot tool
Personalized customer interaction
Simplified bot creation process
Uses insider business knowledge
Integration with CRM
One-click launch
Supports continuous improvement
Train chatbots using own data
Customized conversational experience
Flexibility in plans
Forecasted training duration
Knowledge base updating
Specialization for specific needs
24/7 customer support capability
Direct data source connections
Supports various use cases
Improves productivity
Reduces information search time
Increases sales engagement
Reduces support costs
Fast, accurate, personalized information
No-code platform
Accommodates datasets of varying sizes
Understands customer interactions
Seamless business integration


Long training durations
Doesn't mention security measures
No transparency about data usage
Updated training data is manual
No mention of language support
Undefined dataset limits
No clear deployment platforms
Doesn't support visual content
No explicit third-party integrations
No direct pricing information


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Can I train my Scribo AI chatbot using my own data?
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What aspects influence the duration of training a chatbot on Scribo AI?
Can I update my Scribo AI chatbot knowledge base after the initial training?
Does Scribo AI support continual learning and improvement for my chatbot?
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Can I adjust my Scribo AI plan according to my needs?
Can Scribo AI chatbots be specialized for specific needs?
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Can Scribo AI chatbots provide 24/7 support for my customers?

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