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Screenplay analysis & feedback for storytelling success.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that provides detailed analysis and feedback on screenplays. It offers personalized critiques and suggestions for improvement on a scene-by-scene basis, aiming to help writers elevate their scripts to the next level.

The tool can be beneficial for both experienced screenwriters and beginners.Users can receive thorough feedback on their screenplays quickly, as the AI technology assesses each scene and provides grades, critiques, and suggestions for improvement.

By identifying strengths and weaknesses, assists writers in understanding their screenplay's potential and offers ways to enhance it.The tool offers a free introductory package, analyzing the first 3 scenes of a script without requiring credit card information.

This allows users to experience the benefits of the AI analysis. Additionally, showcases examples of its analysis on well-known movies such as Rambo and Everything Everywhere All at Once, providing writers with a better understanding of the tool's capabilities.By using, screenwriters can elevate their writing game, increase their chances of success in the industry, and create compelling masterpieces that captivate audiences.

The tool aims to support writers in improving their screenplays by providing objective and constructive feedback, helping them refine their storytelling and narrative skills.


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Scriptreader was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Scene-by-scene analysis
Personalized critiques
Concrete suggestions for improvement
Provides grades for scenes
Helpful for all skill levels
Fast feedback speed
Free introductory package
Doesn't require credit card for trial
Analysis examples available
Supports WGA members
Strengths and weaknesses identification
In-depth screenplay understanding
Showcased analysis of well-known movies


No collaboration features
Unknown accuracy of suggestions
Only analyzes scene-by-scene
No predictive scoring system
Doesn't offer real-time analysis
No user customization options
Lack of multi-language support
Inability to handle multiple scripts simultaneously
No track change or history feature


What is
How does analyze screenplays?
What types of feedback does provide?
Can be used by both experienced screenwriters and beginners?
How quickly does provide feedback on screenplays?
Does analyze the entire screenplay or on a scene-by-scene basis?
Who can benefit from using
How can users try for free?
Does require credit card information for the free introductory package?
Does provide examples of its screenplay analysis?
What are the capabilities of
What are the benefits of using for screenwriting?
How does support and improve storytelling and narrative skills?
Is linked to any professional screenwriting organizations?
How can I get in touch with for more information?
Where can I see an example of a movie analyzed by
How can help in increasing chances of success in the screenwriting industry?
What improvements can I expect in my screenplay after using
Does offer any special deals to WGA members?
How does help writers understand their screenplay's potential?


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