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Generate spreadsheets with a simple prompt.
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SearchGPT is an AI tool developed by Owens Laboratories, which focuses on generating spreadsheets based on user inputs. This tool is intended to simplify the process of creating spreadsheets by turning written instructions into generated database structures.

Users enter a prompt or specific instructions and the tool generates a spreadsheet accordingly, reducing manual efforts and enhancing productivity. It is designed to handle various levels of complexity in instructions, though it's highlighted that more complicated spreadsheets could require longer generation time.

SearchGPT also provides users with an active support system and necessary resources through its website. It has an online presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, where updates and information can be tracked.

It aligns with Owens Laboratories' commitment to providing innovative AI solutions, as indicated through various legal and privacy policies. Overall, SearchGPT offers a unique blend of advanced AI technology and user-friendly design to assist in spreadsheet creation, delivering a smooth user experience.


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May 23, 2024
I was not able to get this one to work, it kept on giving me an error when trying to create a budget sheet based on a raw data entry from ChatGPT

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Pros and Cons


Generates spreadsheets from prompts
Saves time with automation
Increased productivity tool
Handles complex data
Processes instruction inputs
Has active support system
User-friendly interface
Online presence on Twitter
Follow updates on LinkedIn
Evolutionary database creation
Web-based service
Prevents manual errors
Enhances user experiences
Streamlined data processing
Can handle varied complexity
Developed by reliable Owens Laboratories
Legal and privacy compliant
Constant improvements and updates
Community interactions via social media
Easy account creation


Limited to spreadsheet tasks
Possible long generation times
Limited instruction complexity
No offline functionalities
Closed source
No API provided
Not customizable
Dependent on input quality
No multi language support


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