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AI hiring software for hiring better, faster.
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Searchlight is an AI-powered hiring software designed for recruiters. The main function of this tool is to identify and screen top-quality talent quickly and consistently for recruiters.

It uses artificial intelligence to screen hundreds of applications in seconds, identifying notable candidates based on psychometric assessments. Moreover, the platform features an automated reference check system, delivering AI-powered hiring recommendations.

The software also utilizes a feature known as 'quality of hire' that aims to not only improve hiring processes but also helps recruiters measure and learn from them.

Searchlight has an explicit commitment towards supporting diversity in hiring processes by consciously striving to reduce bias. Additionally, its integration capacity facilitates seamless operation with pre-existing systems in your organization.

One of their features, 'TRACY', supports users throughout the hiring process by creating a continuous learning loop that improves the organization's talent pool selection.

In conclusion, Searchlight is a comprehensive solution that leverages AI technology to enhance hiring efficiency, save time, increase objectivity, and improve the overall quality of hire.


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