Data analysis 2022-10-13
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Reports generated from natural language data queries.
Generated by ChatGPT

Seek AI is a conversational AI tool for data analysis that lets users ask natural language questions without the need for deep knowledge of data analysis tools.

Seek AI is designed for business end-users and offers instant answers to their queries through a conversational interface that can be integrated with popular messaging platforms like Slack and Teams.

Seek AI's conversational engine is equipped with an automated natural language processing model that can understand complex and contextually rich questions.

As users ask questions, Seek AI captures them and stores them into a knowledge base that helps to avoid repeated questions in the future. Seek AI also offers a complete package with code editor, knowledge base, data warehouse integrations, and more.

Seek AI claims to help business end-users query complex datasets more efficiently than with traditional data analysis tools. Seek AI is not intrusive and won't track users' information when they visit the site.

However, users are requested to accept a tiny cookie to comply with their preferences and avoid being asked again.


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Seek was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language data queries
Integration with Slack, Teams
Automated natural language processing
Understands complex questions
Built-in knowledge base
Avoids repetition of questions
In-built code editor
Data warehouse integrifications
Efficient query of complex datasets
Non-intrusive user tracking
One-time cookie preference setting
Helps regain valuable time
Improves query speed
User-friendly conversational interface
SOC2 Type I compliant
Flexible user and group permissioning
75% time saving for data team
Endorses reusability of code


Requires approval of cookies
Limited messaging platform integrations
Dependence on increased usage for intelligence growth
Possible difficulty among non-tech users
No multilingual support mentioned
Potential compatibility issues
No mobile application mentioned
Reliance on internet connectivity
Limited customization options
Lack of fine-tuned privacy settings


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What efficiency gain does Seek AI provide compared to traditional data analysis tools?
Do I need any prior knowledge of data analysis tools to use Seek AI?
How does Seek AI capture and store user queries?
What kind of privacy policy does Seek AI have regarding my data?
Does Seek AI offer any data warehouse integrations?
How do I start a Free Trial with Seek AI?
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Does Seek AI offer customer support?
What are the data analysis capabilities of Seek AI?
Can Seek AI process complex and contextually rich questions?
Does Seek AI offer a conversational interface for users?
What are some customer reviews for Seek AI?

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