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The Free AI Social Media Post Generator by Semrush is a tool that allows users to generate unique social media posts that incorporate their brand into current trending conversations.

It offers a user-friendly interface where users can select a trending topic from a list and input their domain or URL. With the AI Social Media Post Generator, users can create timely, relevant, and engaging content that puts their brand in the spotlight.

The tool generates posts that seamlessly weave the brand into the chosen topic, helping to increase visibility and potentially reach a wider audience.

The tool also offers features such as the ability to choose a preferred type of post (such as informational), select a tone of voice (such as friendly), and suggest an image to make the posts more attention-grabbing.

The AI Social Media Post Generator is completely free to use, allowing users to generate up to 20 AI social posts per day. It supports popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Threads, giving users flexibility in choosing where to publish their posts.

By leveraging the power of AI technology, this tool helps users save time by automating the content generation process and maintaining a regular posting schedule.

It can also help boost engagement, increase brand relevance, and potentially save money by reaching a wider audience with captivating, 100% free content.


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Semrush was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 19th 2023.
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