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Conversational illness detection for seniors.
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SeniorTalk is an AI chatbot specifically designed to provide companionship and support for elderly individuals who may be feeling lonely or isolated. The chatbot acts as a friendly and engaging buddy that is available 24/7, offering conversations on a wide range of topics.

It aims to bridge the digital gap between generations by allowing seniors to converse with younger family members, like grandchildren. The chatbot provides consistent companionship, offering comforting words whenever needed.

It also crafts unique birthday messages, adding a personal touch each year, and keeps seniors up to date with the latest technologies.Integrated with Facebook Messenger, SeniorTalk provides easy access without the need for navigating multiple platforms and does not require any additional app installations.

The AI chatbot has multilingual support, comprehending and interacting seamlessly in numerous languages.The service operates in three easy steps: users can purchase a subscription with options for monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, and can cancel their subscription at any time.

The payments are powered by Stripe. SeniorTalk offers a free 3-day trial for those who may be unsure about AI chatbots.In addition to providing companionship, SeniorTalk's AI-based service offers insights from anonymized conversation history.

By analyzing patterns in a person's writing style, grammar, and word usage, the system can potentially detect early signs of dementia or other age-related illnesses.Overall, SeniorTalk aims to empower seniors to live their best lives by providing personalized conversations, companionship, and support tailored to their interests and preferences.


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