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Improved search engine for better reading and writing.
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Sentelo is an AI-powered search engine that helps users read, write and learn faster. It is integrated with popular web-based applications such as Google Docs, Overleaf, PDFs, and websites.

Sentelo uses a human-level AI technology that allows users to quickly access information and results. It is reliable and fast, with 90% of prompts generated within two seconds.

Sentelo also features 'Explain to a Child' and 'Give an Example' functions that enable users to understand and explain complex topics in a simple way.

Additionally, the company is constantly looking for talented people to help them become more successful. Sentelo is a convenient, reliable and fast AI-powered search engine that helps users read, write and learn faster.


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Sentelo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with popular applications
90% prompts within 2s
'Explain to a Child' function
'Give an Example' function
24/7 availability
Can handle heavy load
Convenient use in Docs, PDFs, websites
Features academic style
Offers 'Easy-to-use' interface
Web-based tool
Integrated with Google Docs
Integrated with Overleaf
Consistent feature expansion
Engaged development team


No mobile application
No offline functionality
No multilingual support
Limited to web-based applications
No explicit data privacy
No free plan
Limited customization options
Doesn't support all websites
Requires constant internet connection


What is Sentelo?
What is the concept behind Sentelo?
How does Sentelo improve reading, writing, and learning experience?
In what applications can Sentelo be integrated?
What kind of AI technology does Sentelo use?
How fast does Sentelo generate responses?
What are the 'Explain to a Child' and 'Give an Example' features in Sentelo?
Can Sentelo be used in Google Docs?
Is Sentelo a reliable tool?
Can Sentelo function with heavy load?
What is the academic style output in Sentelo?
How can I install Sentelo?
Who are the people behind the development of Sentelo?
What measures are taken by Sentelo to ensure users' understanding of complex topics?
Can Sentelo be used 24/7?
What makes Sentelo different from other similar search engine AIs?
How does Sentelo integrate with websites?
Does Sentelo have a user-friendly interface?
Is Sentelo available for different browsers?
What does Sentelo offer in terms of employment opportunities?

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