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Real-time financial sentiment analysis
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SentimentWatch is an AI-powered tool that enables users to stay updated on the current financial sentiment reflected in news articles and blogs effortlessly.

With SentimentWatch, users can conveniently analyze articles related to various companies and access valuable insights regarding their sentiment scores.

By utilizing AI algorithms, SentimentWatch provides a comprehensive view of sentiment scores, allowing users to gauge whether the general sentiment surrounding a particular company is positive or negative.

The tool conveniently organizes articles by company, headline, ticker, score, and date for easy reference.SentimentWatch offers a user-friendly interface, displaying the analyzed articles in a structured manner.

While browsing through the platform, users can access multiple pages, each consisting of up to 20 article summaries. This setup ensures that users can efficiently navigate through the available information.By utilizing SentimentWatch, users can gain valuable insights into the general consensus regarding specific companies, helping them make informed decisions.

The tool's ability to summarize sentiment scores saves users considerable time and effort that would otherwise be required to manually analyze numerous articles and sources.Overall, SentimentWatch is a practical AI tool designed to keep users informed about the prevailing financial sentiment within the news and blogosphere.

Its straightforward interface and organized presentation of sentiment scores make it an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the sentiment surrounding various companies.


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SentimentWatch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time financial sentiment analysis
Convenient in-platform article analysis
Company-specific sentiment scores
Structured article organization
User-friendly interface
Headline, ticker, score, date taxonomy
Efficient navigation
Insights on general consensus
Effortless sentiment score summary
Time-saving tool
Organized sentiment score presentation
Pages with 20 article summaries
Innovative article browsing setup
Informed decision making aid
Comprehensive sentiment view


Limited to financial news
No mobile version
Only English language support
No sentiment trend analysis
Limited to 20 articles/page
No individual user customization
Lacks collaborative functionality
No API for integrations


What is SentimentWatch?
What does SentimentWatch do exactly?
How can I use SentimentWatch to analyze financial news?
How does SentimentWatch work?
Can SentimentWatch provide sentiment analysis for any company?
How is the sentiment score calculated in SentimentWatch?
What information can SentimentWatch provide about a company?
Is SentimentWatch user-friendly?
What is the purpose of sentiment scores in SentimentWatch?
Can I access multiple pages of articles in the SentimentWatch platform?
How does SentimentWatch display analyzed articles?
How can SentimentWatch be useful for me?
How specific is the information that SentimentWatch provides?
Can I select a specific company to get information about in SentimentWatch?
How updated is the data provided by SentimentWatch?
What kind of AI does SentimentWatch use?
How accurate is SentimentWatch's sentiment analysis?
What is the daily maximum number of articles analyzed by SentimentWatch?
How is the data organized in SentimentWatch?
Does SentimentWatch require a subscription or is it free to use?

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