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Optimized bloggers' websites for SEO.
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SEO Stan is an AI-powered micro SEO tool for busy bloggers, indie-hackers, and makers. It is designed to optimize website search engine rankings and generate blog post ideas, search-friendly article titles, meta descriptions, and URL slugs.

The tool uses a login system to moderate API rate limits and avoid the “hug of death”. It is integrated with other free micro-apps such as Welma, Linked XP, Gen Z Translator, Begone Spammer, and This Product Does Not Exist.

The tool also has social media integration with Email, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. SEO Stan is an easy-to-use and efficient tool that can help busy bloggers, indie-hackers, and makers optimize their website search engine rankings and generate content ideas.


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SEO Stan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes website search rankings
Generates blog post ideas
Creates search-friendly article titles
Produces meta descriptions
Generates URL slugs
Login system to moderate API
Integrated with other micro-apps
Social media integration
Easy and efficient use
Aimed at busy bloggers
Ideal for indie-hackers, makers
Generates niche keyword ideas
Linked with Welma, Linked XP
Integrated with Gen Z Translator
Linked with Begone Spammer
Integrated with This Product Does Not Exist
Login via Google available
Email connected
Integrated with Instagram
Linked with LinkedIn
Integrated with Twitter
Moderates API rate limits
Avoids hug of death scenario


Limited SEO features
No AD integration
Login required
Restricted API rate limits
No keywords tracking
Not for advanced SEO
Limited third party integrations
No reporting functionality
No multi-language support


What is SEO Stan?
How does SEO Stan help in optimizing website search engine rankings?
What kind of blog post ideas can SEO Stan generate?
How can SEO Stan create search-friendly article titles?
How does SEO Stan generate meta descriptions?
What does SEO Stan mean by URL slugs?
Why does SEO Stan need a login system?
What is the 'hug of death' that SEO Stan helps to avoid?
Which other micro apps is SEO Stan integrated with?
How does SEO Stan use the Welma app?
How does SEO Stan work with Gen Z Translator?
In what way is the Linked XP app helpful to SEO Stan?
How does SEO Stan connect with social media platforms?
What are the benefits of SEO Stan's Instagram integration?
How does SEO Stan utilize LinkedIn for SEO optimization?
Why is SEO Stan described as a micro SEO tool?
How can indie-hackers use SEO Stan?
Who is the creator of SEO Stan?
How can I access SEO Stan via Google?
How does SEO Stan moderate API rate limits?

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