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Automated SEO PR and Link-building.
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SEOBox is an AI-based tool that automates the process of monitoring PR and link-building opportunities. By setting up targeted keywords and filters, users receive personalized opportunities directly in their email inbox.

This saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual searches and allows users to focus on responding to opportunities, building connections, and enhancing their online presence and expert reputation.The tool currently monitors platforms such as HARO, Help A B2B Writer, and PASE, which connect users with journalists, content managers, and writers for well-researched articles and expert opinions.

This enables users to get backlinks for their site, be featured in podcasts, media outlets, and B2B companies' websites.SEOBox offers benefits such as saving time by providing relevant opportunities, consolidating all PR and link-building opportunities in a unified dashboard, ensuring users never miss an opportunity, and allowing users to configure the tool to receive notifications without investing daily time.The tool is suitable for various users, including PR agencies looking to boost client exposure, startup founders aiming to amplify startup visibility, link builders wanting to drive traffic and authority, and subject matter experts looking to establish authority and increase online presence.SEOBox offers different plans with features such as keyword tracking, tracking lists for configuration, match alerts, and unlimited subscribers.

Plans range from basic to pro and business, with pricing starting at $29 per month. Users can also take advantage of a 5-day free trial.


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SEOBox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates PR monitoring
Automates link-building monitoring
Personalized opportunity alerts
Time-saving features
Unified dashboard
No missed opportunities
Configurable notifications
Suitable for PR agencies
Useful for startup founders
Works for link builders
Resource for subject matter experts
Keyword tracking feature
Multiple plan options
Pricing starts at $29/month
Offers 5-day free trial
Features match alerts
Unlimited subscribers
Monitors HARO platform
Monitors Help A B2B Writer
Monitors PASE platform
Email alerts for opportunities
Can automate daily tasks
Supports platform addition requests
Can feature in podcasts
Can feature in media outlets
Includes unlimited subscribers
Opportunities consolidated in single feed
Offers early access offer
Potential to increase brand presence
Opportunity management in a feed
Increase website's link profile
Improve organic search ranking
Track PR & backlink opportunities
Configure keywords & other details
Email, Chrome & In app Notifications
Multiple subscribers notification
Advanced keyword monitoring
Supports AND / OR operators
Integrates with Qwoted, terkel
Offers team member access
Up to 90 match alerts
Up to 20 keywords tracking


Monitors limited platforms
Lacks advanced keyword support
No team sharing in basic plan
Limited match alerts
No social media integration
Limited keyword tracking
Only email alerts


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What are the different plans offered by SEOBox?
How much does SEOBox cost?
What does the 5-day free trial offered by SEOBox include?
Can SEOBox automatically send me notifications about PR and link-building opportunities?
How does SEOBox ensure that users never miss an opportunity?
How can SEOBox help PR agencies?
Why would startup founders benefit from using SEOBox?
How can link builders benefit from SEOBox?
Can SEOBox help subject matter experts?
How customizable is the notifications process in SEOBox?
How does SEOBox help with expert reputation establishment?
Are there any limits on the number of subscribers for alerts in SEOBox?
Can I track keywords with SEOBox and if so, how many keywords can I track?
Can I share SEOBox access with team members in my organization?

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