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No-code SEO optimization and automated content creation.
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Seomatic is a no-code tool for automating and scaling content creation. It enables programmatic SEO, helping to boost website traffic. Through its AI writer, users can generate high quality content in bulk with minimal effort.

It also provides pre-built templates for creating SEO-friendly pages and datasets for targeting low-competition keywords. Seomatic also provides analytics and fast indexation of generated pages, as well as bi-weekly SEO reports to track performance.

Furthermore, the tool integrates with popular website builders and CMSs such as WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Notion, Bubble and Prestashop, enabling users to optimize their SEO pages without any coding.

Seomatic is suitable for creators, bloggers, affiliate marketers, niche owners and other users seeking to drive more traffic to their websites.


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Pros and Cons


No-code SEO optimization
Automated high-quality content creation
Pre-built SEO-friendly templates
Datasets for low-competition keywords
Fast indexation of pages
Bi-weekly SEO performance reports
Integrates with popular website builders
CMSs integration includes WordPress, Webflow
Works with Shopify, Notion
Functions with Bubble, Prestashop
Suitable for creators, bloggers
Used by affiliate marketers
Great for niche owners
Cut content creation time
Programmatic SEO datasets included
SEO page generation
Assists in publishing content
Lightning fast page loading
Automatic SEO page optimization
High-converting landing page templates
Lead magnets and opt-in tools
Privacy-friendly analytics provision
Custom domain support
Page indexing in 24 hours
Detailed site analytics
Targeting low-competition keywords


No multi-language support
No in-tool content editing
Lacks real-time analytics
No social media integration
No voice search optimization
No keyword tracking
No link management
No mobile SEO
No API provided


What is Seomatic?
How does Seomatic's AI writer work?
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How does Seomatic analyze SEO performance?
Can Seomatic integrate with my WordPress site?
How quickly does Seomatic index generated pages?
What does Seomatic's bi-weekly SEO reports include?
Is Seomatic suitable for bloggers?
Does Seomatic require any coding or design skills?
Who can use Seomatic's pre-built SEO-friendly templates?
How does Seomatic help in targeting low-competition keywords?
Can I use Seomatic for SEO optimization on my Shopify page?
Can I customize my domain with Seomatic?
Does Seomatic provide website site analytics?
How does Seomatic help in creating thousands of landing pages or blog posts?
What are the niches for which Seomatic provides datasets?
How does Seomatic's programmatic SEO work?
Does Seomatic offer any free trials?

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