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Efficient data analysis and exploration solution.
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Shape is an AI tool that enables users to explore and analyze their data efficiently. With Shape, users can obtain quick answers to complex data questions within seconds.

The tool supports various types of queries, including new subscriptions, average app usage hours, and performance comparisons between editorial and news articles in specific months.

Moreover, Shape provides insights regarding top countries for AI course demand, user team size distribution, and CEO waitlist sign-ups.Shape's AI engine thinks like an analyst, allowing it to interpret questions accurately and provide nuanced answers beyond raw numbers.

The tool employs advanced SQL capabilities, including complex joins and unions, to handle complex data operations effectively. It also ensures smart interpretation by clearly stating assumptions and caveats when presenting results.Importantly, Shape learns from user interactions and continuously improves its performance over time.

It integrates with Slack, enabling users to access fast answers through its Slackbot. Additionally, Shape offers the option to double-check results with human analysts and provides data visualizations through automatically generated charts.Shape prioritizes accuracy by leveraging GPT-4 custom agents, dataset pre-analysis, and reviews.

This approach results in best-in-class accuracy for data analysis. Security is also a top priority, as Shape stores all credentials using industry-standard encryption and holds SOC 2 Type 1 certification.With Shape, users can easily explore, understand, and visualize their data, obtaining the answers they need when they need them.


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