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Pitch your idea, get offers from the sharks.
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SharkTank AI is a unique tool designed to simulate the experience of pitching a business idea. Inspired by the popular TV show, users can pitch their business concept to virtual representations of the show's 'sharks' and potentially get a deal.

Upon entering their business idea, the expected investment amount, and the proposed equity offer, the user presses the 'Submit Pitch' button to start the interaction.

The AI-based 'sharks' include well-known figures like Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary, each with their own virtual persona reflecting their real-world focus areas and expertise.

The user receives feedback or a deal proposal from these 'sharks', giving them a chance to explore the potential viability and perceived value of their business idea.

This tool, created by Yoni Goldshtein, is designed for both entertainment and educational purposes, as it enables users to gauge the attractiveness of their business proposals and practice pitching ideas in a fun and risk-free environment.

Lastly, while the tool is AI-based, it's not intended for serious investment analysis but can be a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking feedback on their startup ideas.


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SharkTank AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Business idea evaluation
Virtual pitching training
Attractiveness of business proposals
Risk-free pitch simulation
Famous persona simulations
Entertainment and education combined
Potential deal proposals
Personalized entrepreneur feedback
Reflects real-world focus of investors
Simulated investment negotiations
Multiple 'shark' personalities
Practice negotiation skills
Aspiring entrepreneur resource
Help with business valuation
Prepare for real investment
Startup idea validation
User-friendly interface
Gamified learning experience
Fast business proposal feedback
Unique simulation tool
Develop confidence pitching
Fun entrepreneurial exercise
Evaluate viability of ideas
Ideal for pitch practice
User customizational input
'Submit Pitch' functionality
Creator Yoni Goldshtein
Education through popular TV show
Business model evaluation
Specific offer details proposal
Inspired by SharkTank TV show
Great for startup ideas
Focus areas for each shark
No serious investment risk
Help refine equity offers
Provide expected investment amounts
Different expertises of sharks
No real-world consequences
Get a sense of equity worth
Improve business idea presentation
Understand investor expectations
Well-known figures simulacra
Real pictures of sharks
Beneficial for investment simulation
Interactive pitch submission
Learn about valuation methods
Support from entrepreneurial community
Connect with creator via Twitter


No serious investment analysis
Limited to six investor personas
Lacks detailed feedback
Not intended for professionals
No actual funding or investment
Not based on real market factors
No industry-specific feedback
No real-time interaction
Limited to predefined response
Creator-specific bias potential


Who created SharkTank AI?
Does SharkTank AI accurately reflect the focus areas and expertise of the real 'sharks'?
Can I use SharkTank AI for serious investment analysis?
What kind of business ideas can I present to SharkTank AI?
What is the purpose of SharkTank AI?
How do I use SharkTank AI?
Can SharkTank AI help me practice my pitch?
What does the 'Submit Pitch' button do in SharkTank AI?
Do I need to provide my expected investment amount in SharkTank AI?
Is there any risk involved while using SharkTank AI?
Can I choose the shark I want to pitch to in SharkTank AI?
Does SharkTank AI give feedback on my business idea?
Can SharkTank AI propose a deal for my business?
Who are the AI-based 'sharks' in SharkTank AI?
What is the education value of using SharkTank AI?
Will SharkTank AI help me to understand the potential viability of my business idea?
What information do I need to input before using SharkTank AI?
Is SharkTank AI only for aspiring entrepreneurs?
What is the entertainment aspect in using SharkTank AI?
Who is the target user for SharkTank AI?

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