Sharly AI

Generated by GPT-3

Sharly AI is a productivity tool that uses generative AI to help professionals save time in understanding long documents. It is powered by the latest language models and is designed to simplify complex long documents with natural language processing.

The tool can help users save up to 10x time by providing accurate and relevant answers to questions asked about the document. Sharly AI offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to upload the document they want to understand, ask questions about it, and get related answers.

The tool's accuracy is measured to be 95% on chat with GPT. Users can also share their work privately with their peers, making collaboration and feedback easier.

Sharly AI can be used in various fields, including market research and financial reporting. It is built with ease-of-use in mind, and the company emphasizes its aim to speed up productivity with the tool.

Ultimately, Sharly AI is an AI-powered tool that can help professionals efficiently navigate lengthy documents while streamlining their workflow.


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