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Automate data analysis in Google Sheets.
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SheetAI App is a Google Sheets add-on that unlocks the power of AI in spreadsheets. With SheetAI, users can automate data analysis, generate text, predict values, and create visuals without any coding knowledge.

SheetAI has a variety of features that allow users to do everything from sanitizing data to generating feedback summaries. It also has a range of AI-powered functions that allow users to generate answers to questions from preset data, generate images and formulas, and web scrape data from websites.

Additionally, SheetAI has features like RANGESTRING, SHEETAI_RANGE, SHEETAI_IMAGE, and SHEETAI_FORMULA that make it even easier to use. SheetAI even has an intuitive setup guide and help section to make the whole process easier.

All of these features combined make SheetAI the perfect tool for unlocking the power of AI in your spreadsheets.


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Sheet AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automates data analysis
Generates text
Predicts values
Creates visuals
No coding knowledge required
Data sanitization feature
Generates feedback summaries
Generates answers from preset data
Generates images and formulas
Web scrapes data
Easy setup guide
Help section
Helpful tutorials
Create personalized emails and messages
Summarize content
Categorize data
High-quality output
Generate Sheets formulas
Generate images inside Sheets
UI friendly
Data Analysis
Google Sheets add-on
Automated data sanitization
Helpful customer reviews
Easy to understand examples on YouTube
Multiple models for different situations
Live chat help
Automate boring tasks
Free version available
Create high-quality visuals
Practical blog section
Transform text to REGEX
Email Marketing automation
Regular updates and improvements
REGEX from text descriptions
Keyword context classification
First Name extraction from Emails
Happy New Year wishes generator
Logo finder for marketing purposes
Data-driven insights
Prompt user for errors
Video guides for usage
Recent updates in the app
Write formulas with text instructions


Google Sheets dependent
Lacks multi-platform compatibility
Error handling unclear
Limited data sanitization features
Limited customization options
Complex for beginners
Dependent on preset data
No offline functionality
Lacks advanced data analysis features


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Do I need a credit card to install the SheetAI addon?


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