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AI that remembers and does repetitive tasks in Google Sheets.
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SheetAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to integrate with Google Sheets to help automate repetitive tasks. The unique AI algorithm allows the user to describe desired actions in plain English and then automates specified tasks in the spreadsheet.

This tool offers a suite of AI-driven functions that revolutionize the functionality of Google Sheets. These functions allow you to generate lists, tables, and images, extract information, or automatically fill in missing data in your sheet.

Another featured function is the implementation of 'SheetAI_Brain', which simplifies copywriting tasks by storing and retrieving essential information.

This offers the capability to quickly draft text or content by referencing its name, allowing the AI to fetch relevant details from your pre-existing database.

The program also offers a variety of AI-generated solutions, giving users diverse perspectives, and the ability to generate text, predict values, and sanitize data.

Its functionalities extend to cleaning up email lists, generating dummy data, creating taglines, and improving productivity in Google Sheets.


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Pros and Cons


Google Sheets integration
Automated data analysis
Text generation
Value prediction
Visual creation
Sanitizes data
Generates feedback summaries
Generates images and formulas
Web Scraping feature
Intuitive setup guide
Effortless filling of missing data
Email list cleaning
Dummy data generation
Productivity boosting
Plain English command recognition
Creates lists, tables, images
Data extraction function
Works with URLs data
Creating taglines
Highly rated by users
Trusted by top companies
Capable of copying pre-existing data
Supports data addition via text
Generates descriptive content from references
Helpful for marketing
Good for programmatic site content generation
Useful for classifying GPT3 keywords context
Generates personalised wishes
Extracts first name from email
Has over 139k installs
Top-rated (4.5/5) by users


Only works with Google Sheets
No offline usage
Function names unclear
Data extraction might be limited
Potential data privacy issues
Limited functionality for complex tasks
Potentially high learning curve
No mentioned collaboration features
No multilingual support mentioned


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Can SheetAI generate images and formulas?
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How do the AI-powered functions in SheetAI work?

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