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Real-time data analysis collaboration platform.
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Shell2 is an API-first, interactive platform developed by Raiden AI. This platform aims to facilitate AI automations through various features. Users can leverage Shell2 to perform data analysis, processing, and generation tasks.

The platform also supports the persistence of sessions and files, allowing users to store and access their data and work from anywhere. Shell2 offers an unrestricted environment, enabling users to run commands and code without any imposed restrictions.

It further provides an autonomous code sandbox, enabling users to experiment and prototype their ideas.One distinctive feature of Shell2 is its multiplayer functionality, which allows users to collaborate with others in real-time.

Users can synchronize files with others, ensuring efficient collaboration and safe cloud environments. The platform comes prepacked with numerous libraries for data and code manipulation, eliminating the need for setup.Additionally, Shell2 offers a command-line interface (CLI) accessible from both the web platform and the user's terminal.

The CLI provides powerful features, including voice commands, real-time local file synchronization, and sequences.Shell2 integrates with various tools and frameworks such as OpenAI, Replicate, HuggingFace, and FaceRaiden AI.

The platform provides API documentation and software development kits (SDKs) for Node.js and Python. While currently not open-source, Shell2 hints at a possible open-source release in the future.Overall, Shell2 aims to be a comprehensive AI assistant platform with robust features for data analysis, collaboration, and unrestricted command-line control.


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