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Mobile keyboard for efficient sentence completion.
Generated by ChatGPT is a revolutionary keyboard app designed to make writing easier, faster and more efficient. It integrates OpenAI's GPT technology to auto-complete sentences and phrases with the touch of a button, saving users time and helping them develop their writing skills.

The app's intuitive interface allows users to switch between languages and access a wide range of special characters and symbols. Additionally, the app is available for both iPhone and Mac users.

With, users can break out of their shell and express themselves like never before.


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Pros and Cons


Efficient sentence completion
Intuitive interface
Easy language switching
Access to special characters
Compatible with iPhone and Mac
Helps develop writing skills
Saves users time
Suitable for various writing tasks
Smooth navigation
Easy to install
Privacy policy transparency


Not Android compatible
No support for other platforms
Lack of customization options
Limited language support
Not described offline usability
Limited special characters range
No visible update schedule
Lack of technical support options
No multi-device synchronization
No indication of user privacy


What is
How does make writing more efficient?
How does integrate OpenAI's GPT technology?
Can help develop my writing skills?
What special characters and symbols are available on
Is available on both iPhone and Mac?
How does make the process of writing easier?
Can I switch languages on
What is the installation process for on my device?
Where can I download for my iPhone or Mac?
What kind of texts can I write using
Can I use for writing social media posts?
How does complete sentences or phrases?
Where can I find the privacy policy of
What are the benefits of using
Does have its own keyboard interface?
Is a standalone app or does it integrate with existing writing tools?
What makes an ultimate writing companion for a smartphone user?
Does use cookies?
What kind of AI technology is used in

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