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Experience fun, AI-assisted microlearning at Shiken.ai.
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Shiken.ai is a microlearning platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to promote faster, more efficient learning. The platform offers a variety of engaging educational content which include live quizzes, courses, and flashcards.

It also features tools for mindfulness, taking notes and setting up challenges. Equipped with an AI-powered 'Knowledge Assistant', Shiken.ai promises a personalized learning experience for each user.

The platform caters not only to individual learners and students but also to creators, tutors, teachers, and entrepreneurs. It further extends its services to learning and development departments in businesses, helping them create interactive educational content.

Capabilities of the platform include the ability to turn traditional forms of educational content such as text, files, or links into interactive learning material, and analyzing audience engagement, either live or remotely.

Shiken.ai also offers scenario-based learning through built freeform conversational role-plays with AI analysis, thus offering a cost-effective alternative to actor-led roleplays.

The platform also allows users to create their own learning content quickly - leveraging AI to process uploaded documents, pasted text, or links.


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Pros and Cons


Gamified learning platform
Solo and multiplayer modes
Cloud-based progress tracking
Customizable learning sessions
Integrated mindfulness techniques
Specific goal-setting feature
Smart note-taking tool
Bookmark questions for review
Learning marketplace: Shiken Store
Expert-verified educational resources
Customizable prompts
Expert-crafted explanations
Spaced repetition system
Built-in Knowledge Assistant
Services for creators, tutors, teachers
Services for business learning departments
Interactive learning material creation
Live or remote audience engagement
Scenario-based freeform role-play
Quick learning content creation
Text, files or links can be processed into learning content
Sales enablement tools
Onboarding tools for new hires
Internal communication tools
Compliance training tools
Upskilling tools
Customer education tools
Real-time insights for performance
Transferable data to other LMS
Well-being features
Game-based learning
Avatar and leaderboard features
Pomodoro breaks and daily quotes for motivation
Live audience response tool
Quizes, courses, and assignments interleaved
Extracts text from documents for learning content
Learning and mindfulness goals tracker
Study buddies feature
Reduced content creation time by 70%
Active recall training
Spaced repetition learning
Tools to help build habits
Real-time insights
Higher assessment scores
Multiplatform: works on any device
Data security
Microlearning learning management system (LMS)
Ability to add learning content to a personalized library


No offline usability
Requires constant internet connection
Potential information overload
Requires roleplay participation
Limited personal customizations
May induce game-based distractions
Limited free content
Only in English
No group chat functionality
Not available on all devices


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Can I create my own learning content on Shiken?
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How does Shiken help learning and development departments in businesses?
Can I turn texts, files, or links into interactive learning material with Shiken?
What does scenario-based learning through AI analysis on Shiken involve?
What are the capabilities of Shiken's 'Knowledge Assistant'?
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What is Shiken's approach to gamified learning?

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