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Summarizes lengthy audio and video content effectively.
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Shortcast.AI is an AI tool that offers quick and efficient summarization of long YouTube videos and podcasts. Powered by advanced natural language processing, it extracts key points from lengthy audio and video content and condenses it into concise and coherent text summaries.

Users can understand the essence of a 45-minute podcast or video in just 3 minutes. In addition to text summaries, Shortcast.AI also provides audio summaries.

It can generate a summary from an audio file, such as podcasts or talk shows. The tool includes a Deep Dive Assistant feature, which allows users to ask detailed questions about content from podcasts, videos, or audio files via an AI chat interface.

The assistant understands the context of the content and provides in-depth responses, saving users time and effort when seeking specific information.Shortcast.AI offers a free trial for all users each month, allowing them to experience the platform without the need for a credit card.

While the tool supports multiple languages for input, the final summary is currently available only in English. The summary length varies depending on the original video or audio length, typically representing 15-20% of the original content.Payments on the platform are processed securely through Stripe.

Shortcast.AI continuously expands its language support, currently covering 17 languages for YouTube videos and 58 languages for uploaded audio files.


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ShortCast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 18th 2023.
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