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Assisted creation of chat-based website templates.
Generated by ChatGPT

The ChatGPT Assistant is an AI-powered chat-based builder that helps users create professional and engaging website templates. It is one of the supporting tools in Shuffle, an editor for Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material-UI, and Bulma.

With Shuffle, users have access to multiple layouts that they can customize according to their preferences. Additionally, it offers a library of more than 7,500 UI components that are grouped according to various frameworks.The ChatGPT Assistant utilizes artificial intelligence to fuel its chat-based capabilities, allowing users to create eye-catching templates with ease.

Users can ask the Assistant to perform specific tasks, such as customizing text, changing colors, or updating images. It offers multiple features to make the process of website building more efficient, such as generating SVG patterns in one click and an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Pricing is flexible, with options for monthly ($24/month), annual ($99/year), or lifetime ($249/paid once) subscriptions. VAT invoices are issued, and users must agree to the terms of use and privacy policy before submitting payment.

Overall, the ChatGPT Assistant is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create website templates quickly and efficiently.


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Shuffle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple CSS editors
Chat-based website building
7,500+ UI components
Grouped UI components
Generates SVG patterns
Visual Studio Code extension
Customizable layouts
Flexible pricing
One-click pattern generation
Monthly, annual, lifetime subscriptions
VAT invoices
Aids in template customization
Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Bulma supported
Enables specific task requests


Limited to specific frameworks
Limited customization features
Chat interface may be limiting
No freemium version
One-time payment still high
Incompatibility with non-Visual Studio IDEs
Dependency on internet connection
No mobile support mentioned


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Can I create chat-based website templates with the ChatGPT Assistant?
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