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Platform to create high-quality, personalized videos.
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Shuffll is an AI-powered video production platform that streamlines the creation process, allowing businesses to quickly and easily produce high-quality, personalized video content.

Thanks to its AI technology, Shuffll can generate videos with a fraction of the effort and cost of traditional methods. It offers solutions for marketing, training & learning, HR, and sales, enabling users to create branded video content for awareness, interviews, testimonials, tutorials, explainers, how-to videos, recruitment, onboarding, employee experience, personalized proposals, and prospect engagement.

Shuffll has received positive feedback from its users, who have seen a 40% improvement in engagement, and report that video creation is now easy and hassle-free.


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Shuffll was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality video production
Personalized video content
Streamlines creation process
Quick content production
Affordable compared to traditional methods
Utility in marketing
Utility in training and learning
Utility in HR
Utility in sales
Creates branded content
Improves engagement statistically
User-friendly platform
Generates variety of video types
Allows for easy content scaling
Supports recruitment and onboarding
Produces testimonials
Produces explainers and how-to videos
Empowers prospect engagement
Positive user testimonials
Automatic visual and audio effects
Generates copy and storyline
Increases lead generation
Supports customer satisfaction
Improves sales
Showcases user-generated content
Supports trend discovery


Lack of detailed customization
No free trial mentioned
No offline functionality
Limited use cases
Potential quality variability
Lack of transparent pricing
No mention of platform compatibility
No elaborated video editing features
Absence of multi-language support


What is Shuffll?
How does Shuffll use AI in the video creation process?
What kind of videos can be created using Shuffll?
Does Shuffll offer solutions for HR operations?
How can Shuffll be used for sales activities?
What cost savings does Shuffll offer compared to traditional video creation methods?
What has been the feedback from users who have used Shuffll?
How does Shuffll contribute to increasing engagement?
What does the video creation process with Shuffll look like?
What is the 'Discover' feature in Shuffll?
How does Shuffll make video creation easier?
Can Shuffll generate copies, artwork, and storylines?
Does Shuffll provide automatic visual and audio effects for videos?
What has been the impact of Shuffll on marketing departments of companies?
How can I book a demo for Shuffll?
How have companies like Microsoft and Intel benefited from using Shuffll?
What is Shuffll’s 'Ask the expert' case study about?
In what ways does Shuffll claim to boost engagement?
What services and guarantees does Shuffll offer to ensure customer satisfaction?
What type of content can I find on Shuffll’s Blog?

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