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Customer and product insights for e-commerce.
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Shulex VOC is an AI-powered customer voice listening and product research tool. It helps brands gain customer and product insights from e-commerce reviews and feedback.

It is a comprehensive platform that integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms and social media. It harnesses the power of AI and GPT-3 to automate the Voice of Customer Analysis and Product Research.

It is suitable for Amazon sellers and PMs, as it helps in product development, improve customer experience, and better win the competition. It can analyze and export reviews across major e-commerce sites.

It is a trusted service provider certified by TRUSTe. It is also a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network.


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Shulex VOC was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Reviews analysis automation
Deep customer insights
Product development aid
Improves customer experience
Competitive advantage
Export reviews
Omni-channel integration
E-commerce platform insights
Social media insights
GPT-3 utilization
Amazon Seller suitability
Seamless eCommerce integration
TRUSTe certified
Member of AWS Partner Network
Chrome extension available
Blogs and resources
Help Center support
flexibility
Optimize Amazon Product Listing
Increase sales on Amazon&Tiktok Shop
Multiple insight demographics
Comprehensive voice of customer analysis
Used by Anker PM team
Insight export capability
Well-Documented Getting Started Guide
Review Exporter tool
Supports major e-Commerce sites
Linkedin interaction
Facebook community


No mobile application
Limited to e-commerce reviews
Specifically designed for Amazon sellers
Complicated interface for beginners
No direct integration with TikTok
Potential data privacy concerns
No free tier mentioned
Exporter limited to Amazon
Limited social media compatibility
No multi-language support mentioned


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Is Shulex VOC suitable for Amazon sellers?
What insights can I gain using Shulex VOC?
Can Shulex VOC export reviews across different e-commerce sites?
How can Shulex VOC help in product development?
How can Shulex VOC improve customer experience?
How does Shulex VOC help in winning the competition in e-commerce market?
Is Shulex VOC a certified service provider?
How does the ReviewExporter feature of Shulex VOC work?
How can I sign up to Shulex VOC?
What are the testimonials about Shulex VOC?
Does Shulex VOC have a chrome extension?
Can Shulex VOC analyze feedback on social media?
How can Shulex VOC help in optimizing my Amazon product listing?
What kind of customer and product insights can I expect from Shulex VOC?
What kind of customer voice listening does Shulex VOC offer?

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