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Image customization using natural language descriptions.
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Shutterstock.AI is an AI-generated image tool that allows users to create and customize images with ease. It is powered by OpenAI and LG, and uses ethically sourced and inclusive imagery from Shutterstock's contributors.

The tool allows users to search for images based on simple nouns and verbs, as well as more detailed descriptions. It also offers suggestions for adding emotional words and visual cues, such as camera styles and perspectives.

Additionally, Shutterstock.AI's Creative Flow platform allows users to easily generate AI images and customize them with a single platform. All of this allows users to create imaginative images that are unique and customized to their needs.


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Pros and Cons


Image customization via descriptions
Generates multiple versions
Takes emotional words and cues
Considers camera styles and perspectives
Inclusive imagery
Ethically sourced imagery
Generates images from simple nouns and verbs
Advanced text-to-image prompts
Image generation and customization in one platform
Generates images regardless of complexity of description
Pictures generated do not represent real people
Can generate unconventional imagery
Integrated safety mechanisms
Capable of worldwide image generation
Allows for creative freedom in text prompts
High detail image generation
Generates unique images
Supports PNG image format
Considers multiple examples of descriptor for image generation
Allows for image generation rate testing


No support for languages other than English
Generates only square Images
Limited resolution and file format
Generates images also available for other customers
Loading time for image generation
Unreadable text in generated images
No direct compensation for contributors involved in the process
Limited level of detail integrity
Bloated text-to-image prompts
Irregular model performance.


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