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Scheduled appointments with language processing.
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Sidekick is a free calendar and appointment scheduling software powered by AI and language processing. It makes scheduling meetings and appointments easier and more efficient.

Sidekick offers three main ways to schedule meetings: Scheduling Pages, Forward to Schedule and Sidekick Scheduling. It allows users to easily integrate popular tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar, to find the best times to meet.

For teams, Sidekick provides a Team Page to easily schedule meetings with multiple people. It also has a feature to remove Sidekick AI branding when scheduling meetings.

Sidekick also sends out meeting reminders, creates calendar events and sends out meeting invites. It is used in over 175 countries worldwide and is available for free with the option to upgrade to a paid version.


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Pros and Cons


Free scheduling software
Three ways to schedule
Language processing for scheduling
Integration with popular tools
Team Page for multiple people
Send out meeting reminders
Automated calendar events
Meeting invites sent automatically
Available in 175+ countries
Integrates Microsoft Teams
Integrates Google Calendar
Available in web app
Available on mobile
No white label branding
Featured in major media
Option to upgrade
Easy sign up process
Email forwarding scheduling feature
Virtual meeting scheduling
Scheduling with non-Sidekick users
Team meeting scheduling made easier
Individual and team scheduling pages


Requires email for scheduling
No full white label
Limited tool integrations
Paid removal of branding
Dependent on other Sidekick users
Limited scheduling process options


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How does Sidekick send out meeting invites?
In what countries is Sidekick available?
What is the difference between the free and paid version of Sidekick?
How can I create a free account on Sidekick?
How do I sign in to Sidekick?
Can I easily schedule meetings via email with Sidekick?
What is the Scheduling Pages feature in Sidekick and how to use it?
Does Sidekick support team scheduling?
How do I remove Sidekick AI branding?
What kind of reminders does Sidekick provide?
How can I integrate my favorite tools with Sidekick?
What is Sidekick Scheduling and how to use it?
What is the Forward to Schedule feature in Sidekick?


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