Q&A 01 Mar 2023

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Sidekick is an AI support chatbot designed to assist developers in searching through their documentation, answering their questions, and troubleshooting any problems they may encounter.

This tool can be deployed in Slack, Discord, or Discourse and is accessible 24/7. Sidekick can provide instant answers to technical questions and summarizes conversations to submit pull requests (PRs) such that your documentation is always up to date.

You can review, edit, and approve these PRs at any time. Sidekick is built by a development team that has worked on Susi, and it comes in three pricing tiers: the open-source layer, which is free with access to the open-source repository and customization, the Pro layer, which costs $49 per month with a 30-day free trial and offers unlimited channels, users, and markdown source, and the Enterprise layer, which can be customized according to the specific requirements of large teams.

The Enterprise layer costs are not publicly available and require contacting the Sidekick team. With Sidekick, developers can automate many tasks and focus on more critical tasks with less effort.


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