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Manage knowledge bases and FAQs for support.
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Siedesk is an AI-assisted tool for creating knowledge bases and FAQ pages for internal and external use. With Siedesk, businesses can easily manage their knowledge and improve their efficiency.

Writing articles is made easy with GPT assistance, which helps offer relevant and clear content. The tool provides a user-friendly interface and search functionality that ensures customers and collaborators can easily find the information they need.

Additionally, Siedesk allows customization of the appearance of the help center to reflect a brand's colors, logos, or a more minimalist approach. With Siedesk, you can publish your help center with the domain name of your choice, benefiting from a free subdomain as well as a free SSL certificate to ensure the security of customer data.

Tracking tools are available to keep tabs on customer searches, article views, and likes and dislikes. These real-time statistics can help businesses improve their most popular articles while revising those with the least success.

Siedesk offers many features necessary for better serving customers and collaborators. It is an all-in-one solution for creating and managing internal and external knowledge bases and FAQ pages.

Siedesk is usable, efficient, and optimized for SEO. It is a tool that offers businesses fast and efficient customer support by streamlining the creation of knowledge bases and FAQ pages, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.


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Pros and Cons


Manages knowledge bases
Handles FAQs
GPT-assisted writing
User-friendly interface
Search functionality
Customizable appearance
Brand-specific help center
Domain name choice
Free subdomain
Free SSL certificate
Tracks customer searches
Tracks article views
Tracks likes/dislikes
Real-time statistics
Internal and external use
SEO optimized
Efficient customer support
Time-saving tool
All-in-one solution
Handles repetitive requests


Lack of multilingual support
No integrated chat support
Limited brand customization
No API for integrations
Unclear subscription pricing
No offline functionality
Limited GPT assistance
No mobile app available
Lacks user management options
No collaborative editing feature


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