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Create real-time dashboards, without any code changes
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Siege AI offers real-time data pipeline solutions without requiring any code changes. This tool simplifies data management by allowing users to build dashboards directly from real-time structured data, bypassing the need for complex extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.

It provides live key-performance indicators at users' fingertips, eliminating the reliance on outdated data for decision-making. Siege AI integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures, as users only need to add Siege to their containers to instantly discover, visualize, and monitor all live data points across their systems.

It possesses a unique feature enabling users to query their API traffic data using either SQL or natural language. Additionally, the tool uses AI to chain and correlate individual events, enabling searching of root causes for non-obvious incidents without any table joins.

Once the Siege Data Collector agent is deployed in most architectures, it will start real-time stream processing and warehousing of data. Aside from creating dashboards, the collected live data can be visualized or integrated into existing tools.

The tool offers packages that include a data catalog, code-less data ingestion, unlimited hosts, unlimited analytics, sharable dashboards, free integrations, adjustable data retention periods, and customer support options.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time data pipelines
No code changes
Instant dashboard building
Skips ETL processes
Live KPI monitoring
Seamless infrastructure integration
API traffic querying
Natural language or SQL
Root cause analysis
Real-time stream processing
Data warehouse capabilities
Easy Siege addition to containers
Data catalog included
Code-less data ingestion
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited analytics
Sharable dashboards
Free integrations
Adjustable data retention
Various customer support options
Data point visualization
Existing tool integration
Search without table joins


No offline functionality
Requires container-based infrastructure
No multi-language API querying
No non-host integration
Dependent on Siege agent
No table join option
Limited root cause analysis
Additional cost for data points
Data retention period varies
Requires Siege deployment in architecture


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How do I get started with Siege AI?

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