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Efficient and streamlined document creation platform.
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Silatus is an AI-based tool that generates detailed, professional-grade documents with minimal input. It is designed for professionals across various industries such as HR, product managers, and business analysts who require quick and easy document creation.

The tool offers automatic generation of job descriptions, product requirements, and other custom document types. The process involves three simple steps: selecting the document type, providing relevant context, and getting the generated document in seconds.

The resulting document can be edited or used in its current form. The tool aims to reduce time and effort spent on generating detailed documents by incorporating state-of-the-art text generation technology.

Silatus offers Jira integrations and a free usage tier.Silatus provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for document generation. It utilizes AI to generate high-quality and comprehensive documents, avoiding human errors and inconsistencies in language and format.

The tool caters to professionals who require quick and easy documentation, making the process efficient and streamlined. Silatus' features provide flexibility, enabling users to customize documents to suit their organization's specific needs.

Silatus is best suited for professionals who require voluminous documentation with consistent language and format, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.


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Silatus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates professional-grade documents
Minimal user input required
Automatic generation of job descriptions
Automatic product requirement documents
Edit generated documents feature
Reduces time on detailed documents
Reduces effort on document creation
Incorporates text generation technology
Offers Jira integrations
Free usage tier
Avoids human errors
Ensures language consistency
Ensures format consistency
Customizable documents
Aim to streamline process
Fast document generation
Suitable for voluminous documentation
Single platform for multiple docs


Limited to business documents
No multi-language support
No offline use
No mobile app
Lack of extensive customizations
Cannot handle complex formats
No collaboration features
Reliance on Jira integration
Only offers a free usage tier


What is Silatus?
What industries is Silatus designed for?
What types of documents can Silatus generate?
How does the document generation process work in Silatus?
Can the generated documents be edited?
How does Silatus use AI technology?
Does Silatus offer Jira integrations?
Does Silatus offer a free usage tier?
How can Silatus help to avoid human errors in document creation?
Can Silatus' features be customized to suit my organization's needs?
What kind of professionals might find Silatus most useful?
Does Silatus offer high-quality and comprehensive documents?
How does Silatus ensure consistency of language and format in the documents?
Does Silatus provide a platform for voluminous document generation?
How does Silatus reduce the time and effort needed for document generation?
Can Silatus generate documents in seconds?
Does Silatus require a credit card for start generating documents for free?
How does Silatus handle input context and requirements?
How can I sign up for the Silatus newsletter?
Does Silatus have any social media presence?


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