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Simple Phones is an AI tool used for handling business phone calls. It offers customized AI voice agents to respond to inbound and make outbound calls.

The AI voice agents can be continually adjusted for improved performance and handling of unique situations. For instance, an AI agent can be specifically programmed for booking appointments, calculating mortgage payments, and answering frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Additionally, the tool provides transparency in recording all calls, including their source, duration, and transcript, and these can be accessed via the user's dashboard.

It also allows for routing or escalation of calls to different numbers, and the sending of alerts to team members through text, email or webhooks based on specific customer needs.

A unique feature of Simple Phones is the ability for the AI agent to 'crawl' through your website or FAQ documents. This feature allows the AI to answer customer inquiries about specific content on your platform, or perform tasks such as booking meetings and fulfilling requests.

Simple Phones strives for consistent service quality, ensuring timely and accurate implementation of your agent revisions and responding to your queries.

The creation of an AI agent begins once you sign up and provide details about your business, which vital in generating a starter AI agent. You can then personalize your AI agent with free, ongoing customizations.

These might include changes to the training data, accents, language, behavior or phone number, as well as integrations with your business. An important note is the tool's simplicity and flexibility in use.

You can continue using your existing business phone number and decide as to how you want to handle missed calls. For instance, any missed calls can be forwarded to the number provided by Simple Phones.

Simple Phones was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 support
99% uptime
99% accuracy
90% cost savings
Automated answering
Call routing
Logging calls
Affordable pricing
Integration with management systems
Pay-per-minute basis
Demo available
Outbound calling
Inbound calling
Call recording
Call escalation
Team alerts
Website crawling
FAQ handling
Appointment booking
User dashboard
Customizable accents
Customizable language
Track call source
Track call duration
Access to call transcripts
Existing phone number use
Missed call forwarding
Transparency in calls
Flexible in use
Free, ongoing customizations
Handles complex inquiries
Wide variety of languages supported
Plans start at $49/month
No commitment required
Various phone country codes availability
Customizable phone behavior
Customizable phone number
Wide variety of accents


Pay-per-minute pricing
No flat rate option
Limited countries supported
Requires technical setup
Dependency on website content
Requires regular agent adjustments
Complex integration with CRM
No mention of data security
Inefficient for short calls


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