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24/7 call management for business customer service.
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Simple Phones is an AI-powered customer service solution that provides 24/7 support for businesses. Using AI to answer customer calls, customers can have their questions answered and orders fulfilled at any time.

Simple Phones offers 99% uptime, 99% accuracy and 90% cost savings compared to manual labor. It includes features such as automated answering, call routing, logging, and affordability.

The AI is trained on a diverse range of customer interactions and business-specific information to provide accurate and personalized responses. The service also integrates with current customer management systems and offers customer support and technical assistance.

It is priced on a pay-per-minute basis and users can try it out or book a demo to see it in action.


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Simple Phones was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 customer service
99% uptime
99% accuracy
90% cost savings
Automated answering
Call routing feature
Call logging
Affordable pricing
Integration with customer management systems
Technical assistance included
Pay-per-minute pricing
Demo availability
No long-term contracts
Mobile account management
Transparent call records
Can handle complex inquiries
Customer data security
Can handle multiple calls
Average call response time


Pay-per-minute pricing
No specific language customization
Unclear data protection
Not clarified limit of calls
May lack complex inquiry handling
No free trial
No long-term contracts options
Lack of specified API integration


What is Simple Phones?
What features does Simple Phones offer?
How does Simple Phones handle customer inquiries?
What kind of AI training does Simple Phones use to answer calls?
How does Simple Phones' call routing feature work?
Can Simple Phones integrate with my existing customer management systems?
How does the call logging feature of Simple Phones work?
How much does Simple Phones cost?
Is there an option to trial Simple Phones service before purchasing?
How does Simple Phones ensure customer data security?
Can the AI of Simple Phones handle complex customer inquiries?
Can I customize the AI on Simple Phones to reflect my business language and tone?
What is Simple Phones' average call response time?
Does Simple Phones offer customer and technical support?
What are the cost savings with Simple Phones compared to manual labor?
What is the uptime and accuracy rate of Simple Phones?
Can I forward or redirect calls using Simple Phones?
How do I manage my Simple Phones account from my mobile device?
How does the Simple Phones AI keep improving over time?
What is the limit to the number of calls Simple Phones AI can handle at once?


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