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Developed by Michael Chomsky, SiteExplainer is a proficient AI-powered tool designed to decode complicated landing pages and complex corporate jargon on websites and present its contents in an easy-to-read and concise format.

The application swiftly analyses the website's content and delivers the summary of its main ideas and key points in a simple language. This application eliminates the need to navigate through confusing pages and instead helps users in quickly identifying the most relevant and useful information on a website.

SiteExplainer uses advanced AI technologies and machine learning techniques to generate a summary of the website. While the summary may not be 100% accurate, it gives a comprehensive overview of the main concepts and crucial elements of the website.

This tool is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices ensuring seamless operation across different platforms. It is capable of simplifying language on any website including those with complex syntax or technical digitalese.

Although it offers its service for free, it also provides an option for sponsorship and donations to support the project. For further needs such as API, data scraping or purchasing their dataset may be negotiated.

Moreover, it offers partnership and sponsorship options for those who wish their products be featured on the site.

SiteExplainer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 5th 2023.
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May 5, 2023
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Definitely the best tool for figuring out what websites do

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Pros and Cons


Simplifies complex website content
Eliminates technical jargon
Summarizes key points
Supports desktop and mobile
Free to use
Compatible with all websites
Provides clear, readable summaries
Open for sponsorships and donations
Data scraping and API possibilities
Product feature partnerships
Developed by reputable developer
Machine learning content analysis
Handles confusing landing pages
Handles complex syntax or digitalese
Supports multiplatform
Handles corporate jargon
Quick content analysis and summary
Provides overview of main concepts
Negotiable for special needs
Run by single dedicated developer
Responsive design for all devices
Provides opportunity for feedback


Summary not 100% accurate
Complex language limitations
Dependent on external donations
Sponsorship may bias outcomes
Not entirely open-source
Excessive scraping potentially costly
Limited customer support
Tech jargon may not be fully decoded
No guaranteed API availability
Potential latency during peak usage


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