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Efficient website creation and resume generation.
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SitesGPT is a time-saving tool that automatically creates personal websites, generates resumes, and crafts blogs in less than 2 minutes. Currently in beta, it offers free access to users.

The tool allows users to create a website structure, automatically generate content, personalize blogs, and create resumes. It also offers a range of beautiful templates for customization.

The websites created using this tool are designed to increase visibility and can even be used to sell gigs directly from platforms like Fiverr. Users can easily update their content, and in the near future, they will have the ability to download their websites as a ZIP file for a minimal charge.

Additionally, users will soon be able to edit their data, photos, and website content. Although there is currently no option to bind a custom domain, users can redirect their websites using DNS, with plans to introduce custom domain functionality in the future.

Furthermore, the upcoming version update will include ten unique resume formats, giving users the flexibility to switch between different themes and styles.

SitesGPT aims to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient website creation experience.


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Pros and Cons


Website creation in 2 minutes
Resume generation feature
Automatic blog crafting
No-code template customization
Free access during beta
Update website content easily
Future ZIP download capability
Upcoming data editing feature
Variety of website templates
Increase visibility from day one
Selling tool on platforms like Fiverr
Testimonial fetching capability
Range of unique resume formats
Functionality for DNS redirection
Future custom domain binding
Exciting updates in pipeline
Time saving automatic functionalities
Automatically fetches LinkedIn content
Upcoming enhanced photo editing


In Beta stage
No custom domain binding
Cannot edit data yet
Limited themes currently
Redirect website via DNS
Downloadable ZIP is paid
Upcoming features not released
No API mentioned
Reliant on future updates
Reliant on LinkedIn data


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