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AI-based image recognition to identify animals
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Siwalu is a tool that utilizes AI-based image recognition for identifying animals. Particularly designed for pet owners and professionals, it comprises a suite of mobile applications that assist users to understand animals, their breeds, and promote learning about the diversity of global biodiversity.

The suite includes apps such as Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner, each serving a specific function of recognizing breeds of the respective animals.

Rather than relying on costly and time-consuming DNA analyses, these apps can provide a reliable determination of the breed, even for mixed breeds, within a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the technology can be used not only in identifying pure breed dogs, cats, or horses, but also in determining the traits of mixed breeds.

Siwalu aims to expand its capabilities for universal animal recognition. The tool's real-world applications include helping pet owners learn about their pet's breed and traits, fostering an informed pet community, and enhancing understandings of global biodiversity.


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Pros and Cons


Identify animal breeds
Includes mixed breeds
Quick identification
Three distinct apps
13.7 million downloads
1.9 million animals identified monthly
Partnership with Snapchat
Users share content
Universal animal recognition
Increased biodiversity knowledge
Reliable determination of breed
Assists pet owners
Promotes learning
Informs pet community
Eliminates need for DNA analysis
Discerns mixed breed traits
Compatible with mobile devices
Accurate identification
Enables pet understanding
Active user community
Strong positive user reviews
Personalized social feed
Universal application across species
Engaged social media presence


Limited to specific animals
No desktop version available
Dependent on quality of photo
Potential inaccuracies for mixed breeds
Limited social integration
Requires internet connection
Possible privacy concerns
Doesn't provide health information
Requires app download
Newer tools less tested


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