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Detecting skin health risks and tracking.
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Skinive is a Skin Health AI-Tracker app designed to analyze skin problems and identify potential risks. The app offers personalized coaching for home users and medical professionals to improve diagnosis precision and increase efficiency.

Skinive provides regular skin self-exams using AI-based technology to detect and capture the best photos for a more accurate evaluation. The app features a 3D skin map to help dermatologists document and monitor skin diseases.

Healthcare professionals can use Skinive to manage digital records, track patient progress, and assist in telemedicine consultations. The AI-based technology of the app analyzes the images and identifies skin problems to detect risks related to skin diseases like cancer, HPV, herpes, and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Skinive has been approved as CE-marked medical software, trusted by dermatologists and used worldwide by people at home and professionals in primary care.

The app has been funded by the European Union's Horizon2020 program under grant agreement No 951847. Skinive is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

In addition, Skinive provides a blog and news section for users interested in learning more about skin health and technology. Supported by several organizations like Rockstart, Hyperion Lab, and the EU-India Innovation Center, Skinive aims to provide affordable and accessible skincare powered by AI technology.


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Skinive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


3D skin map
Detects various skin diseases
CE-marked medical software
Trusted by dermatologists
Helps in telemedicine consultations
Aids in patient progress tracking
Regular skin self-exams
Detects risks of diseases
Available on Apple and Android
Provides digital records management
Non-invasive disease identification
Supported by organizations globally
Personalized coaching module
Detects potential skin risks
Regular health risk monitoring
Used within primary care
Comprehensive user interface
Improves diagnosis precision
Increases medical practice efficiency
Tools for 3rd-party developers
Offers skin checks reports
Funded by EU Horizon2020 program
Blog and news section included
Designed for home users and clinicians
Real-time camera features
Optimized image capture
Provides in-app skincare advice
Used worldwide by professionals and individuals
Helps manage dermatology practice digitally
Open to integration with IT solutions
Effectively identifies risks and threats
Progressively updates skin health checks
Multiple skin condition detection
Real-time risk identification capability
In-depth documentation of skin conditions
Improves speed of documentation
Tracks patient progress digitally
Amplifies telemedicine consultation accuracy
Enable more accurate skin evaluations
Comprehensive skincare learning materials
Disease specific risk identification
User friendly application design
Multi-function healthcare application
Offers solutions for skin health
Developed with EU innovation center
Positive user testimonials
Data-based skin health prediction
Supports various healthcare challenges


No offline functionality
No multi-language support
Requires high-quality images
No integration with other medical tools
No clear data privacy policy
Limited to skin diseases
No desktop version
3D map could lack detail
No live support
Inability to track history of skin changes


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