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Collaborative visualization of data and ideas.
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Slatebox is a visual collaboration platform with AI capabilities that allows users to create editable visualizations using natural language prompts. With the platform, users can provide a text prompt or URL and auto-generate an entire diagram with varying levels of detail using over 100 pre-built templates.

The AI assistant within Slatebox can auto-populate sticky notes for any objective provided by the user to jumpstart collaboration sessions. The tool also offers real-time, multi-cursor collaborative canvases that allows teams to work together with Slatebox AI to build diagrams.

The platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, GitHub, and other third-party services to auto-diagram and document ecosystems. Additionally, API integration is available to connect a user's business directly with the Slatebox AI.

Users can also generate magic links to share with friends and colleagues, and themes can be applied to change the look of a slate. The platform has more than 5 million shapes available through a partnership with The Noun Project and provides users with smart color picking for color palettes.

Users can revert to previous saved versions of a slate with auto-snapshots and explore the thousands of community slates for inspiration. Slatebox offers multiple pricing plans, including a free forever plan with limitations on the number of private slates and team members.

Overall, Slatebox provides an intuitive and flexible tool for visual collaboration and creating expressive mind maps.


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Mar 17, 2024
I'm the creator, so I'm biased. Slatebox lets you build editable diagrams/visuals using natural language. You can even chat with the AI to build a diagrams in real-time and brainstorm together. Real-time collaborate with your team. Starts at free.

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Pros and Cons


Editable visualizations
Auto-generatation from text prompts
Auto-populate sticky notes
Real-time, multi-cursor collaboration
Microsoft Teams integration
Slack integration
GitHub integration
API integration available
Generates magic links
Theme applications
5 million+ shapes
Smart color picking
Community slates
Multiple pricing plans
Free plan available
100+ pre-built templates
Audio huddles
Google Image Search integration
Unlimited team members
3rd party integrations
Integrated Google Image Search
Mind map creation
Async comment resolution
Node image insertion
Privacy control
Automated theme selection
Color palette customization
Wireframe support
Supports expressive mindmaps
Partnership with The Noun Project


Limited private slates
Unlimited public collaboration only
Limited number of team members
Some features are pending
Limited guest passes
Integration and API access not immediate
Limited magic links
No color theme customization
Unstable free forever plan


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