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Slazzer is an AI-powered tool that automatically removes the background from any image with the click of a button. Using advanced computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence, Slazzer can detect the subject in a photo and give you a smooth, clear cut-out of the foreground in a matter of seconds.

This time-saving tool is perfect for individuals, photographers, advertisers, developers, car dealerships, news & media outlets, ecommerce stores, and enterprises, and offers a suite of features for each.

Slazzer also provides a range of integrations, tools and apps, as well as an on-premise solution and an AI-powered desktop app. The tool also features a variety of editing options such as background removal, painting/erasing blur, selecting images, and adding/designing new backgrounds.

Additionally, Slazzer is 100% GDPR complaint and trusted and loved by customers worldwide.


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Slazzer 3.0 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Multiple image editing options
Unlimited cutouts
Desktop application available
Works on Windows/Linux
On-premise solution
Various integrations
Wide user cases
Trusted by customers worldwide
GDPR complaint
Automatic background removal
Instant cut-out creation
Advanced computer vision algorithms
Plugins for design tools
API integration
Batch processing capability
Improved efficiency with integrations
Remove bg at scale
Handles complex edges
Allows design customization
Provides new backgrounds
In-built eraser and brush tools
Supports multiple platform
Images discard after 30 minutes
Capable of handling hair
Free trials available
Handles bulk images
Good for photographers
Useful for advertisers
Ideal for developers
Supports eCommerce stores
Helps car dealerships
Useful for news and media outlets
Helpful for enterprise
Fast background removal
Provides support and FAQ
Images ready for download
High detailing in replacements
Can detect subjects in photos
Allows drag and drop
Offers Zapier integration
Offers Photoshop plugin


Single image upload limitation
Automatic discarding of files after 30 minutes
Lacks color selection tool
Insufficient credits for editing
Plan validity based restrictions
Possible issues with complex edges
Strict compliance with GDPR may limit functionality
Limited editing options
Dependent on reCAPTCHA for security


What is Slazzer 3.0?
What are the key features of Slazzer?
Who can benefit from using Slazzer?
What integrations does Slazzer offer?
Is Slazzer GDPR compliant?
How does the Slazzer On-Premise solution work?
What editing options does Slazzer provide?
How fast is Slazzer's background removing tool?
Is there a desktop application for Slazzer?
Can Slazzer handle complex edges in images?
How reliable is Slazzer's AI technology?
Does Slazzer provide an API?
How many images can Slazzer process at once?
Does Slazzer offer any plugins for design tools?
Can I use Slazzer for bulk image editing?
How secure is it to use Slazzer?
Does Slazzer offer an option to design and add new backgrounds?
What platforms is the Slazzer application available on?
What is the user experience like with Slazzer?
Can Slazzer be used for commercial purposes such as ecommerce or advertising?


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