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Convert videos to viral shorts in minutes.
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Slick is an AI-powered tool designed to convert videos into engaging short clips. Users have the option to upload their own videos or use a YouTube URL.

The tool automatically selects portions of the video which it deems to be the most interesting and suitable for creating shorts. It not only selects these clips, but also generates subtitles and produces visually appealing shorts.

The output produced is devoid of any watermarks, ensuring a clean and professional look for your shorts. The tool comes with an advanced editor, providing room for manual modifications and customizations.

Slick also offers various plans to fit different user needs, making it possible to upload multiple videos monthly. This tool is particularly beneficial for social media managers, content creators, marketers and anyone seeking to create short, appealing video content without in-depth video editing knowledge.

All created shorts can be done without the need for intensive user input, making Slick a convenient and efficient tool for video content creation.


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Pros and Cons


Converts videos quickly
Generates engaging short clips
User option to upload videos
User option to use YouTube URL
Automatic selection of interesting portions
Generates subtitles
Produces visually appealing shorts
No watermarks on output
Advanced editor for manual modifications
Option for customization
Various plans for different needs
Upload multiple videos monthly
No need for in-depth editing knowledge
Low user input required
Suitable for social media managers
Useful for content creators
Beneficial for marketers
Automatic short clip generation
Automatic subtitling
Content marketing enabled
Motion graphics capabilities
Free plan available
Affordable pricing for teams
Unlimited shorts creation
Option to accommodate additional team members
Variable video upload limits
Up to 5-hour video uploads
Supports longer videos on higher plans


Limited video upload options
No offline usage
Requires internet
Limited team members
Upload number restrictions
Need subscription for watermark-free
Max 5 hours video input
Only supports YouTube URLs
No information on subtitle languages
No free plan without watermark


What is Slick?
How does Slick select the most interesting portions of a video?
Can I manually modify the selected clips on Slick?
How does Slick generate subtitles?
Is there a watermark on the short clips created by Slick?
Is Slick suitable for individuals with little video editing knowledge?
How can Slick assist content creators and social media managers?
Can I use YouTube videos with Slick?
What are the different plans offered by Slick?
How many videos can I upload monthly on each plan?
What is the maximum video length that Slick supports?
Does Slick have an advanced editor feature?
Who is Slick primarily designed for?
What benefits can marketers derive from using Slick?
How does Slick create visually appealing short clips?
Are all the short clips created by Slick devoid of watermarks?
How convenient and efficient is Slick for video content creation?
Does Slick allow for manual customization of videos?
What type of content can be created using Slick?
What makes Slick suitable for creating viral short content?


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