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SlideSpeak is an AI-powered chat tool that allows users to interact with their PowerPoint slides. Users can upload their PowerPoint files and ask questions about the content of the slides.

The AI engine, powered by ChatGPT, generates summaries, answers questions, and identifies action items from the presentation. The platform is easy to use - users simply upload their PPTX files, and the content is processed using OpenAI and Llama Index technology.SlideSpeak provides fast results, with the AI engine answering questions about the slides within seconds.

Users can ask any question they have about the PowerPoint file and receive prompt responses. The tool is currently free to use, although there may be changes to this in the future.While SlideSpeak currently only supports PowerPoint files, the team is working on integrating other document types like PDF and Google Slides.

The tool prioritizes data security and encryption, with customer data stored securely and not shared with any third party. However, data may be submitted to OpenAI during the processing of files.Overall, SlideSpeak aims to enhance productivity by transforming PowerPoint presentations into powerful conversations.

Users can save time and gain new insights from their presentations by seamlessly chatting with their PowerPoint files. No credit card is required to use SlideSpeak, and it is available for free.


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Sep 17, 2023
Works really well compared to all other solutions
Aug 4, 2023
Love love it. This tool was super handy summarize powerpoint files from my lectures. I'd highly recommend it.
Aug 1, 2023
This is good! Saved me some time to get information from really long report
Aug 1, 2023
Great tool to summarize powerpoint files with AI. Its free and works really well.

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SlideSpeak was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interacts with PowerPoint slides
Generates slide summaries
Answers slide-related questions
Identifies presentation action items
Fast results within seconds
Currently free to use
Data security encryption
No customer data sharing
Future support for multiple docs
No credit card needed
Gets action items from presentations
Downloadable PowerPoint documents
Customer data fully encrypted
Data not shared with third-parties
Working on PDF, Google Slides support
Boosts productivity
Seamless PowerPoint chat
Powerful conversation transformation
Saves users' work hours


Only supports PowerPoint files
No multi-document support
Future payment uncertainty
Limited query capabilities
Doesn't support real-time collaboration
No offline functionality
Supports only PPTX format
Limited integration options
No manual refinement ability


What is SlideSpeak?
How does SlideSpeak work?
What is the technology behind SlideSpeak?
How quickly does SlideSpeak provide answers?
Is SlideSpeak free to use?
Does SlideSpeak only support PowerPoint files?
Is SlideSpeak planning on supporting other file types?
How does SlideSpeak secure user data?
Can I use SlideSpeak without a credit card?
How do I upload my PowerPoint files to SlideSpeak?
Can SlideSpeak create summaries of my presentations?
Are there any limitations to the questions I can ask SlideSpeak?
Can multiple documents be uploaded at the same time on SlideSpeak?
How does SlideSpeak identify action items in a presentation?
Is there any chance that SlideSpeak may start charging in the future?
Are there tutorials or guides on how to use SlideSpeak?
Will SlideSpeak share my data with a third party?
What information do I get when I ask SlideSpeak a question about my slides?
Can I use SlideSpeak on multiple devices?
How can SlideSpeak help to improve my productivity?

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