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Improve language skills through conversation practice.
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SmallTalkSettings is an AI tool that provides users the opportunity to practice conversational skills in a foreign or second language. The tool is equipped with a language setting feature, allowing users to choose their preferred language for interaction, which includes English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

SmallTalkSettings is designed to assist language learners in developing their language proficiency. As an ongoing project, SmallTalkSettings receives frequent updates and continues to be actively developed.

It offers users the ability to engage in free talk, with simple instructions provided prior to starting a conversation. Users have the option to input messages through typing or record audio messages using the provided button.Once the conversation is concluded, users can request a review of their performance by clicking or tapping the corresponding button and selecting "See review." This feature allows users to receive feedback on their language skills and track their progress.SmallTalkSettings also ensures user privacy, as it includes a "Hide AI text" functionality that allows users to conceal the AI-generated responses during the conversation.For additional information and access to the tool's resources, users can visit the SmallTalkSettings GitHub page.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
User selectable language
Active development
Performance review feature
Privacy feature
Audio input option
Text input option
Free conversation practice
Continuous feedback
Conversation recordings
Accessible resources
Easy to navigate
Languages include Spanish
Languages include Korean
Languages include Japanese
Languages include English
Languages include Chinese (Simplified)
Languages include Chinese (Traditional)
Session performance tracking
User-friendly interface
Promotes autonomous learning
Github resources available
Comprehensive user guide
Open-ended conversation prompts
Progress tracking feature
Conversation history available


Limited language options
Lacks advanced proficiency settings
No real-time error correction
No community for peer learning
Feedback not immediate
No app version
Audio input not transcribed
No specialized vocabulary training
No offline mode


What is SmallTalkSettings?
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What happens when I conclude a conversation in SmallTalkSettings?
How do I request a performance review in SmallTalkSettings?
What kind of feedback does SmallTalkSettings provide?
Can I track my progress in SmallTalkSettings?
How does SmallTalkSettings ensure user privacy?
What does the 'Hide AI text' functionality do in SmallTalkSettings?
Where can I find additional information on SmallTalkSettings?
Does the SmallTalkSettings GitHub page contain any useful resources?
Can I change the system language in SmallTalkSettings?
How can I start a new chat in SmallTalkSettings?
Can I see my previous chats in SmallTalkSettings?
How do I start chatting in SmallTalkSettings?
Can I cancel a chat in SmallTalkSettings?

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