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On-brand copywriting for content creation.
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Smart Copy is an AI copy assistant created by Unbounce. It is designed to help users create on-brand, professional copy quickly and effectively. With Smart Copy, users can generate written content such as blog posts, emails and even poems within minutes, with minimal input.

Smart Copy has a library of 45+ templates and can be used to create content in 30+ languages. It also comes with an integrated grammar checker, copy insights and a community of writers.

The tool is available as a web app and chrome extension as well as a desktop app. It also offers a range of pricing options, including a free version with one project, an essential plan with 200 credits and 3 projects, and an unlimited plan with unlimited credits and projects.


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Pros and Cons


Generates professional copy quickly
Creates various content types
Library of 45+ templates
Content creation in 30+ languages
Integrated grammar checker
Copy insights feature
Community of writers
Available as web app
Available as desktop app
Available as chrome extension
Free version available
Multiple pricing options
Unlimited plan available
Helps overcome writer's block
Aids brainstorming process
One-stop shop for content
Supports TikTok video ideas
Generates viral content
Produces original content
Adapts to your workflow
Streamlines copywriting process
Offers distraction-free workspace
Compatible with numerous apps
Projects accommodation
Built-in Grammarly
Transparent pricing
No hidden costs
Priority support in plans
Generates sentences, paragraphs, stories
Helps increase productivity
Supports variety of use cases


Limited free version
Restricted to certain languages
Additional features require payment
Limitations on project numbers
Desktop app coming soon
May need editing for quality
Real-time communication with tool lacking


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Does Smart Copy have a grammar checker?
What insights does Smart Copy provide?
What platforms is Smart Copy available on?
What are the pricing options for Smart Copy?
Can I use Smart Copy for free?
If I choose the Essential Plan, how many credits and projects do I get?
Is there an unlimited plan for Smart Copy?
Does Smart Copy have a community of writers?
Can Smart Copy create TikTok video ideas?
Can Smart Copy help me with writer's block?
Can Smart Copy increase my productivity?
Where can Smart Copy be used?
Can Smart Copy generate whole stories?
Can Smart Copy work across different tools?
How does Writer, a feature in Smart Copy, improve my writing process?

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