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SmartBird is an AI assistant that enables users to effortlessly draft emails, social media comments, and messages with the best style and tone. It is an AI Chrome extension that offers the ability to create emails, messages, and social media posts 10 times faster.

With SmartBird, users can save up to 80% of their time by automating the process of answering incoming emails, messages, and comments in a professional manner.

The AI-powered autoreponder analyzes the content of incoming communications and generates appropriate responses.Additionally, SmartBird provides various features such as a chat responder, which assists users in quickly and accurately answering messages on platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

It also functions as a social media assistant, allowing users to create posts and reply to comments effortlessly. Furthermore, SmartBird acts as an administrative assistant by correcting, summarizing, and translating texts in seconds.The tool is designed for users who want to optimize their communication efficiency across different applications and languages.

It is compatible with major email providers and social media platforms. SmartBird's AI adapts to the context of conversations, enabling users to choose the tone that suits their needs, whether it be formal for business-related correspondences or friendly for personal emails and messages.Please note that SmartBird is currently only available on Google Chrome and Brave.


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SmartBird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Emails drafting assistance
Efficient social media interaction
10x faster writing
80% of time saving
Autoresponds to incoming emails
Responds to social media comments
Chat responder feature
Assists on various platforms
Administrative tasks aid
Text correction
Text summarization
Text translation
Optimizes communication efficiency
Multilingual support
Selectable tone of communications
Compatible with major email providers
Compatible with major social media
Google Chrome and Brave extension
Auto-generates professional responses


Only compatible with Chrome and Brave
Doesn't support all social media platforms
Limited tone selection
Translation accuracy uncertain
Doesn't support all email providers
Potential privacy concerns
Only available in English and French
No mobile application
Limited customization options
Paid tool


What is SmartBird?
How can SmartBird help improve my email communications?
How does SmartBird help with social media management?
How does the AI in SmartBird work to generate responses?
What platforms does SmartBird support?
Where can I install the SmartBird AI extension?
How does SmartBird work with popular email providers?
Can SmartBird translate texts?
Does SmartBird provide 'context-sensitive' responses?
What types of tones can SmartBird use in drafting emails or messages?
How is SmartBird useful as an administrative assistant?
Can SmartBird summarize texts?
What languages are supported by SmartBird?
How much time can I save using SmartBird?
Is SmartBird compatible with Brave browser?
How do I install SmartBird on Google Chrome?
Can SmartBird handle automatic responses to incoming emails?
Is SmartBird able to help me answer messages on WhatsApp and Telegram quickly?
How does SmartBird's chat responder feature work?
How can SmartBird assist me in creating and replying to social media posts?

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