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Tailored GPT Chatbots for Customer Support and Sales
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Smartly.AI is an AI chatbot management platform tailored for businesses. The platform leverages the power of Generative AI technologies to efficiently manage customer queries and enhance customer support and sales processes.

It allows rapid development of ultra-intelligent chatbots by integrating the users' knowledge bases with generative AI technology. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no advanced technical knowledge for the creation of a chatbot.

Users can provide content in text, document, or link format, and the platform automatically takes care of the additional procedures. The functionality and user interface of Smartly.AI are specifically designed for non-technical business profiles, facilitating content updating.

The platform also knows when to transition the conversation to a human agent, supporting multiple compatible live chat solutions. Furthermore, Smartly.AI offers connectors to popular messaging platforms, allowing businesses to engage with their customers on their preferred channels.

Security is a priority for Smartly.AI with regular audits to prevent cyber-attacks and compliance with European GDPR.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored for businesses
Rapid chatbot development
Integrates users' knowledge bases
Intuitive and user-friendly
No advanced technical knowledge required
Content input in text, document, or link
Automated procedures
Designed for non-technical business profiles
Facilitates content updating
Intelligent transition to human agent
Supports multiple live chat solutions
Connectors to popular messaging platforms
Strong security measures
Regular audits for cyber-attacks
GDPR compliance
Manages customer queries efficiently
Enhances customer support and sales
Chatbots for various sectors (Telecom, Bank, Healthcare)
Regular platform updates
Allows users to create ultra-intelligent chatbots
State of the art chatbot technology
Ongoing R&D for bot understanding
Scalability and high availability
Handles millions of customer questions per year
High user reviews (4.5 out of 5)
Health data hosting certification
Robust architecture
Auto-scaling and redundancy features
Easy content ingestion, indexing and contextualization
Offers numerous resources: Blog, Whitepapers, Documentation
Technical support available
Partnership opportunities
Multiple customer success cases
Featured ongoing developments on the platform
Languages: English, Français


No voice interaction support
Lacks multilingual communication
Potentially limited customization
Omni-channel integration unclear
No mobile app version
Updates dependent on non-technical profiles
Possible GDPR non-compliance elsewhere
Unclear data backup strategy
Lacks advanced analytics tools


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What are the live chat solutions compatible with Smartly.AI?
Can Smartly.AI transition conversations to a human agent?
Can Smartly.AI connect to popular messaging platforms?
What security measures are taken by Smartly.AI?
Does Smartly.AI comply with European GDPR?
What sectors can benefit from Smartly.AI solutions?
How efficient is Smartly.AI in handling customer queries?
How user-friendly is Smartly.AI's user interface?
How does Smartly.AI handle content updating?
Can Smartly.AI contribute to enhancing customer support?
What's the role of Smartly.AI in sales processes?
How does Smartly.AI ingesting, indexing, and contextualizing content work?
What makes Smartly.AI suited for non-technical business profiles?
How does Smartly.AI enhance customer engagement?
What is the process of creating a chatbot using Smartly.AI?

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