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Customized email campaigns for lead conversion.
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SmartWriter is an AI-driven cold email outreach tool that helps businesses generate personalized emails to convert potential customers. It enables users to find leads, create tailored personalised copy and make sales.

SmartWriter’s AI-driven tool is designed to automate the entire outreach process, creating hyper-personalised emails in a single click. It allows users to personalise emails with LinkedIn recommendations, achievements, bio/job descriptions, recent activity, and other contextual information.

It also provides automated SEO backlink outreach, AI social media content generation, and AI content generation. SmartWriter is rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot and offers a 7-day free trial, with no credit card required.

It is designed to be 40x faster and 6x cheaper than humans and offers features such as personalised cold email outreach, LinkedIn Chrome Extension, deep lead enrichment, and personalised LinkedIn outreach.


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Smartwriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized emails
Automates outreach process
Personalizes with LinkedIn data
Automates SEO backlink outreach
High Trustpilot rating
7-day free trial
No credit card required
40x faster than humans
6x cheaper than humans
Personalised LinkedIn outreach
LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Deep lead enrichment
Hyper-personalised emails in 1 click
Improved lead conversion
Use online data of prospect
Built-in proven conversion systems
Auto-research and copywriting
Ability to send emails in 1 click
Allows for LinkedIn personalization
Generates quality cold emails
Uses 42+ data sources
Generates personalized icebreakers
Researches company case studies
Explore prospect's online awards
Analyze news articles or blogs
Lead enrichment from LinkedIn
B2B sales adaptation
Produces Contextual Personalised Pitches
Utilizes Personalised Skyscrapper Link Replacement
Executes Contextual Personalised Link Insertion
Generates personalized email templates
Analyzes recent post and generates personalized messages
Evaluates LinkedIn recommendations for better personalization
Acknowledges prospect's achievements
Understands bio or job description of prospects
Utilizes company news or articles for personalized messages
Creates pitches from LinkedIn profiles
Client testimonials available
Scalable and adaptable tool


No content editor
Uses a credit limit system
Lacking blog post generation
Time-consuming workflow
No stacking option for credits
Monthly word limits
Copy and paste approach


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What does the LinkedIn Chrome extension do in SmartWriter?
How does SmartWriter perform deep lead enrichment?
What social media content can SmartWriter generate?
Does SmartWriter offer content generation for websites?
What is the SmartWriter University feature?
Could you explain more about AI social media content generation?
What is the difference between SmartWriter and other traditional outreach tools?
What type of automation does SmartWriter provide?
How fast is SmartWriter in comparison to manual email outreaching?
What is the AI content generator shopify feature?
What kind of customer success stories are there for SmartWriter?
How affordable is SmartWriter compared to hiring a human?
What differentiates SmartWriter's service from competitors?
How can SmartWriter enhance my LinkedIn outreach?


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