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A domain name generator for businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool for finding the perfect domain name for your business. It uses advanced algorithms to generate unique and creative domain names that are still available for purchase. offers a fast search and results are delivered in 20 seconds or less. It also offers premium .com domains and unique ALT TLDS. It also provides access to custom filters and hacked domains, and allows users to save searches to try again later. has generated over 1 million domains since launch and it also offers premium features such as social media handle availability, early access to new features, and domain availability across 500 extensions.

Additionally, users can sign up for The Novice, a publication that describes AI in simple terms and provides examples of fun and easy AI things to do at home.

Finally, works with trusted partners like, GoDaddy and Namecheap to make it easy to find the domain names users are looking for and purchase them directly.


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Pros and Cons


Fast search
Results in 20 seconds
Premium .com domains
Custom filters
Hacked domains
Save searches
Social media handle availability
Early access to features
Domain availability across 500 extensions
Trusted partners like
Cooperation with GoDaddy
Cooperation with Namecheap
Generated over 1 million domains
One click search
Check multiple extensions simultaneously
Relevant ALT TLDS
Blazingly fast search
1 million domains created
Check social media handles
Subscribe to The Novice


No multi-language support
Limited TLDs recommendation
No bulk search option
No synonym usefulness
Restricted customizations
Does not suggest tags
Results not categorized
No app version
Cannot organize saved searches
Partnership only with specific registrars


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What kind of filters does provide?
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How can I save my searches on
How many domains has generated since its launch?
What premium features does offer?
How can I check social media handle availability on
How can I get early access to new features on
What is The Novice on
How does work with partners like, GoDaddy and Namecheap?
How can I purchase a domain through
Does offer any educational resources about AI?
How can I see if a domain name is available across 500 extensions on
How does generate unique and creative domains?
Can I check for domain availability across multiple extensions using
What is the 'Find Domain Names' feature on


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